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Warranty used parts

We trust our parts! You receive a standard 14-day installation warranty on all* parts. Additional warranty can be purchased separately in certain cases. Is a part unexpectedly broken? Fill in a warranty request and we will help you find a suitable solution as soon as possible. Our warranty is always based on an exchange guarantee, which means that we provide you with a replacement part of the same quality as the purchased part with a well-founded warranty request.
*This does not apply to electronic parts and XP parts

Conditions for warranty claims

We only grant a warranty if no modifications have been made to the product after sale by BAS Parts & Tyres. Before making any adjustments to the product or incurring costs, you should always contact our sales department. If costs are incurred without consultation, they cannot be claimed. Warranty on our engines only applies to cylinder block, cylinder head and all internal rotating parts. All bolt on parts are excluded from the warranty. Gearbox warranty only applies to gearbox housing, mechanical shift section and all internal rotating parts. Bolt-ons and electronics are excluded from the warranty.

Buy additional warranty

Additional warranty may be available on our G-parts (composite articles such as engine, gearbox, differential, cabin, axle assembly, recognizable by article number starting with G or F). In addition to the standard 14-day warranty, we offer the option to extend the warranty to 3 or 6 months. On articles where this option is offered, this will be shown on our website and we will also mention this in the quotation. The same terms and conditions apply to this extended warranty as outlined above and in the general terms and conditions. Our standard 14-day installation warranty applies to UP parts (all used parts that do not fall into the G-parts category, identified by _UP or _YP behind the article number). There is no possibility to buy additional warranty on them. We do not give a warranty on XP parts; used parts with minor usage damage that are offered at a reduced rate.

Warranty on new parts

On new parts we take over the warranty that the supplier / manufacturer gives. Because this differs per item, we cannot specify a fixed term for this. Would you like to know the warranty of your new part? Feel free to ask our sales people for more information about this.

Warranty overhauled parts

Our overhaul parts are overhauled by specialized companies. These companies issue their own warranty on the parts. Any warranty claims on the overhauled parts will therefore always be assessed by the specialist himself. When it concerns reconditioned parts, we will always state this on the quotation. Would you like to know more about the warranty of your reconditioned part? Feel free to ask our sellers for more information about this.

Returns, warranty and malfunctions

Do you want to return an item for warranty? Please contact us first and we will help you! Please do not return anything without consultation, to prevent the item from being accidentally misplaced.

Parts purchased externally

Our sales people will always try to find the right part for you, even if we don’t have it in stock at the time. This means that we purchase some items externally, we will always mention this in the purchase process. For these parts, the warranty conditions of our supplier apply. If these conditions deviate from ours, we will always notify you.


Where indicated, our parts are sold with exchange of the old part. The engines, gearboxes and differential supplied by us are shipped on a metal drip tray.
We charge a deposit for the old engine, gearbox or differential and drip tray. Depending on the item, we charge a deposit of € 750 to € 3500. The deposit and the article must be paid in advance.
As soon as we have received the complete (*) return of the goods to be exchanged, we will transfer the deposit back to you.
*Complete means:

  • Engine complete with all attachments which were also included on our engine
  • Gearbox complete as delivered
  • Different requirements may be set for returns for externally purchased parts. We will communicate this with you in advance.

Upon delivery

When you receive our delivery, check carefully whether the delivered item has not been damaged during transport. If this is the case, report this immediately to the carrier and add it to the CMR. Then contact us.