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Truck battery

A truck battery is an essential component of the vehicle responsible for providing power to the electrical components and the engine. When choosing a truck battery, factors such as size, capacity, and lifespan should be considered. In this text, we will discuss various types of truck batteries, when they should be replaced, and where you can buy high-quality batteries. Are you looking for a battery for your truck or equipment? At BAS Parts we have several brands in our assortment. One of which is VARTA. Not sure which battery is needed for your application? Contact one of our salesmen.

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Various types of truck batteries

Several types of truck batteries are available, including lead-acid, gel, and lithium-ion batteries. Lead-acid batteries are the most common and are used for their affordability and reliability. Gel batteries are more durable and can handle high temperatures better. Lithium-ion batteries have the highest energy density and are lighter in weight, making them ideal for trucks with high payload capacity.

Wear and tear of truck batteries

There is no fixed deadline for replacing a truck battery. However, it is important to watch for signs of wear and tear, such as slow starting, dimming of headlights, and difficulty charging electrical components. This may indicate a weak battery that needs to be replaced.

How to recognize a defective truck battery?

A defective truck battery can cause problems such as slow starting of the engine, poor functioning of electrical components, and a dead battery. This may indicate a problem with the battery itself or the charging system. It is important not to ignore these issues and seek professional help to prevent further damage.

What is the weight of a truck battery?

Most truck batteries weigh between 20 and 70 kilograms, depending on the type and size of the battery. The weight of a truck battery can affect the overall weight of the truck, so it is important to consider this when choosing a new battery.

How fast does a truck battery charge?

The charging speed of a truck battery depends on several factors, including the capacity of the battery, the type of charger used, and the temperature of the environment. Generally, it takes several hours to fully charge a truck battery. It is important to use a suitable charger tailored to the capacity of the battery to maximize its lifespan.

How to connect an inverter to a truck battery?

Connecting an inverter to a truck battery is a relatively simple task. First, you need to select the inverter correctly and ensure that it is suitable for the voltage of the battery. Then, you need to connect the inverter to the battery using the positive and negative poles. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and use the appropriate tools to ensure safe connection of the inverter.

What is the Ah capacity of a truck battery?

The Ah capacity of a truck battery varies depending on the type and size of the battery. Usually, truck batteries have an Ah capacity between 100 and 200 Ah. It is important to choose a battery with sufficient Ah capacity for the needs of the truck to ensure that the battery can provide enough power for all electrical components.

Truck batteries

Trucks are getting more and more complex. Definitely on the electronic side of things. This has a lot of advantages but also a downside. It puts a lot more strain on the batteries of a truck. For this reason, the Volvo FH4 already gets equipped with heavier batteries to avoid problems. They are running two 12 volt, 240 Ah batteries.

VARTA Promotive EFB

VARTA Promotive EFB is a battery specially designed for commercial vehicles with heavy duty cycles. This battery complies with all vibration requirements. This allows it to be mounted on the rear of the chassis too. The VARTA battery is made in Europe following the strict quality norms. It will be a reliable power source for your fleet.

Large quantities

Are you looking for multiple pallets of batteries to put in your stock? We can offer very sharp prices when you need larger quantities. Contact us to see what we can offer you.

Buy High-Quality Truck Batteries Online at BAS Parts

If you're looking for high-quality truck batteries from various brands, you've come to the right place at BAS Parts. With us, you can easily and quickly buy batteries online at affordable prices. Whether you're looking for new or used batteries, we have a wide range to choose from.