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Truck Parts Remanufacturing at BAS Parts

At BAS Parts, we have a dedicated team dedicated to overhauling high-quality parts. Whether it's engines, gearboxes, turbos or other parts, we strive to deliver quality that exceeds expectations. Our thorough overhaul processes include careful inspection, repair and replacement of worn parts, resulting in reliable and durable products. With a combination of expertise and dedication, we ensure that our remanufactured parts meet the highest standards, allowing our customers to rely on optimal performance and reliability for their vehicles.

Furthermore, we have more than 100,000 truck parts in stock, we specialise in Volvo, DAF, Mercedes and Renault truck. Moreover, we are an official dealer of several brands of aftermarket parts.

Why choose remanufacturing at BAS Parts?

Choosing overhaul at BAS Parts means investing in durability and quality. Our experienced professionals and advanced technology provide high-quality overhaul services, giving your truck parts a second life. Choose reliability, efficiency and cost savings with overhaul by BAS Parts.

  • Cost savings: Overhauling parts can be significantly cheaper than buying brand new parts. By overhauling used parts, companies can save significant costs without compromising on quality.
  • Sustainability: Remanufacturing is a sustainable practice that helps reduce waste and conserve natural resources. Instead of throwing away old parts, they are refurbished and put back into circulation, extending the life of the part and reducing the need for new production.
  • Faster availability: In some cases, specific parts may not be readily available for purchase as new, or may take a long time to be delivered. By overhauling parts, companies can get the required components faster, avoiding costly machine or vehicle downtime.
  • Quality control: During the overhaul process, parts are thoroughly inspected, repaired and tested to ensure they meet strict quality standards. This allows companies to rely on high-quality remanufactured parts that offer reliability and optimum performance.
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What do we mean by remanufacturing of truck parts?

Remanufacturing at BAS Parts is more than just repair; it is a careful process of renewal and optimisation. We restore your truck parts to factory specifications, with attention to detail and using advanced techniques. Discover the power of our overhaul services and extend the life of your parts.

What are the benefits of remanufacturing?

Choosing overhaul at BAS Parts offers a range of benefits. From cost-effectiveness to environmental friendliness, our overhaul services not only reduce your expenses but also contribute to a more sustainable future. Discover how remanufacturing can help your business grow, while maintaining performance and reliability.

Take a look at our gearbox remanufacturing process

What steps does the old, broken part undergo?

At BAS Parts, every broken part goes through a thorough overhaul process. From disassembly to inspection, repair and final reconstruction; we ensure that every detail meets strict quality standards. Learn more about the steps your part undergoes and discover the transformation it goes through to function like new again.

What does the reman process look like?

Roughly speaking, we can distinguish the following steps, this may differ by type of product. For example, reconditioning an engine is slightly different from reconditioning a gearbox cover.

  1. Old part arrives at the BAS Parts warehouse.
  2. We inspect for visible defects and broken parts (exterior). Old part is opened and inspection is carried out
  3. The product is cleaned and taken to our overhaul department
  4. Now the product is taken apart and the inside inspected
  5. All worn/broken parts are removed and noted
  6. Broken parts are ordered or taken from our warehouse
  7. The part is overhauled according to our own overhaul steps
  8. Optionally, the outside of the item is given a new coat of paint
  9. The part is now reconditioned and visible on our website

Gereviseerde versnellingsbak spuiten BAS Parts Gereviseerde versnellingsbak BAS Parts

6-month warranty on reconditioned parts

We provide a standard 6-month warranty on parts that have been reconditioned. Parts that we commission to be reconditioned also come with a 6-month warranty.

When do we accept a part for remanufacturing?

We can (have) a huge number of parts overhauled. For the best overhaul process, however, there are a number of conditions for the item:

The outside of the part (gearbox housing, engine block) must not be cracked.
The part must also not have run out of oil.

In doubt about whether we can recondition a part? Please contact one of our sales staff.

Additional warranty

Besides a standard warranty period on reconditioned parts, we also offer additional warranty on non-revised parts. Standard parts come with a 14-day warranty, but it is also possible to extend the warranty to 3 months or even 6 months.

You can find more information about our condition here:

Our services

You can turn to BAS Parts for overhaul of various product types. Roughly speaking, we can overhaul the following parts for you.

1. Engine overhaul

Our mechanics are able to overhaul complete truck engines. Besides overhauling complete engines, we can also take care of individual cylinder heads or bottom blocks. This way, you know that your engine will last for years to come and is extremely reliable.

We can recondition the following engine types:

We can also overhaul various other types of engines of different brands. Please contact us for the possibilities.

2. Gearboxes

One of our areas of expertise is revising truck gearboxes. Our workshop is equipped with all the special tools needed to expertly repair a gearbox. Whether it is a manual or automatic gearbox, for Volvo or a Mercedes. You can come to us for all truck bodies. We always replace wear parts and parts that need to be replaced as standard (gaskets, etc.). Faulty parts are of course also replaced.

We can overhaul the following gearboxes, among others. Please contact us if your gearbox is not listed here.

3. Electronic Parts

Every year, trucks are fitted with even more electronics and control systems. It is therefore important to keep these functioning properly. You can come to us for the overhaul of ECUs, gearbox desks, EBS control units, Turbo actuators, electric motors and much more.

4. Extensive Assortment

Besides engines, gearboxes and electronic parts, we offer a wide range of overhaul services for various truck components. From brakes to suspension, differentials to turbos. You have always come to the right place with us.

Interested? Contact us for more information