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Parking Cooler for trucks

A stationary cooler maintains a comfortable climate inside the cabin during the resting hours of the driver. We have a very good offer for stationary coolers. We even have a dedicated webshop for parking coolers: Mostly new but sometimes we also have used coolers in stock. We offer the VIESA Kompressor III for very sharp prices, available for a wide range of trucks. More information is shown at the bottom of the page.

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VIESA Kompressor III

VIESA Kompressor III offers a quiet and cool environment during resting hours. The low electricity consumption allow use for a long time when stopped, with an excellent acoustic comfort due to use of innovative materials that guarantee limited weight and low vibrations.

It's made of a new shell, new essential parts and new electronics opposed to the previous model. Key word here is 'essential': only 39 components result in maximum reliability. The Kompressor III was designed to permit full free space inside: the mounting kit is perfectly integrated with the roof of the cabin of each specific brand and model.

It's approved for electromagnetic compatibility (ECE R10) which means no interference with radio. The new shell, made of polypropylene, offers several advantages: minimal weight, low noise and minimal turbulance due to aerodynamic studies. With its size it really distinct itself from the competition.


The VIESA Kompressor III can be used in almost every European truck brand and model.
For Scania: The Scania NextGen R-serie / S-serie with Topline and Highline cabin.
Also the 2015 and 2016 R and S series with Topline and Highline cabin.
For Volvo: The FH4 from 2012 and later with Globetrotter and Globetrotter XL cabin.
Also the FH2 and FH3 from 2002 to 2012 with Globetrotter and Globetrotter XL cabin.
For Mercedes: The Actros MP4 from 2012 and later. With ClassicSpace, StreamSpace, SuperStreamSpace and BigSpace cabins.
For DAF: XF and CF Euro 6 from 2012-... with Super Space Cab and Space Cab.
Also the XF105 and CF85 from 2006 to 2012 with SC and SSC.
For Renault: The T-serie from 2013-... with Night & Day, Sleeper and High Sleeper cabin.
For MAN: The TGA, TGX and TGS from 2000-... with XXL, XLX, XL, LX, L and M cabin.
For IVECO: The Stralis I, II, XP and NP from 2002-... with Active Time, Active Space and Hi-way cabin.


Our colleagues at the BAS Trucks workshop have mounted a lot of VIESA coolers. At an extra cost of €400,- it can be fitted on your truck. Ask about the possibilities if you are interested.

Painting options

The VIESA Kompressor III is made of special, foam-like, material. However, it can still be painted in any color if the standard black is not for you. The extra costs of painting this parking cooler range from €175,- to €200,-, depending on the paint.

VIESA Kompressor III IVECO Stralis
VIESA Kompressor III Interior
DAF XF Euro 6 with VIESA Kompressor III