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PTO Truck

A PTO (Power Take-Off) in a truck is an essential component that plays a significant role in transferring power from the engine to other driven components, such as hydraulic systems or tail lifts. When choosing a new or used PTO for your truck, there are several factors to consider. It is important to look at the specifications of the PTO, such as the gear ratio, connection, and power. Additionally, it is crucial to check if the PTO is suitable for the specific brand and model of your truck. Quality is also of great importance as it directly affects the reliability and durability of the PTO. At BAS Parts, we have an extensive range of replacement PTOs for Volvo, DAF, Renault, and other popular truck brands. With our stock, we can ensure that your truck can get back on the road quickly. Contact us if you are unsure about the PTO you need.
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Transmission PTO

A transmission PTO, or clutch-dependent PTO, is one of the options. This PTO is mounted on the transmission and is only activated when the vehicle is idling. Transmission PTOs are often lightweight and easy to install. The simple design has many advantages, such as reliability and low cost. When the PTO does not need to be used while the vehicle is in motion, this is the logical option.

How to Identify a Faulty Truck PTO?

A faulty PTO in a truck can cause various symptoms. Some common signs of a defective PTO include:
  • Inability to operate driven components: If the PTO is not functioning properly, this can result in the inability to operate hydraulic systems or tail lifts, for example.
  • Abnormal noises: A defective PTO can cause unusual noises, such as grinding, rattling, or knocking.
  • Power loss: A poorly functioning PTO can lead to power loss, preventing your truck from delivering its full potential.
  • Overheating: If the PTO overheats, it may indicate a problem such as friction or wear.
If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to consult a specialist as soon as possible to have the PTO inspected and replaced if necessary. A faulty PTO can cause serious damage to other components if not addressed promptly.

Flywheel PTO

The other option is a flywheel PTO, or clutch-independent PTO. This PTO is mounted on the engine and rotates whenever the engine is running, both while driving and at idle. This type of PTO is necessary when continuous use of the equipment is required.

New Truck PTO

If you are looking for a new PTO for your truck, you have a choice of different brands. Some popular brands include Volvo, Mercedes, Renault, DAF, Iveco, Scania, and MAN. These brands offer high-quality PTOs specifically designed for the needs of your truck, delivering optimal performance. When purchasing a new PTO, you can rely on its excellent quality and compliance with your truck's specifications.

Used PTO Truck

A used PTO can be a good option if you are looking for a more affordable solution. However, it is important to be cautious when buying a used PTO because the history of the component is not always known. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a reliable seller who offers a warranty and has thoroughly inspected and tested the PTO. When buying a used PTO, it is also important to check the specifications and ensure that it is suitable for the make and model of your truck. Volvo, Mercedes, Renault, DAF, Iveco, Scania, and MAN all offer used PTOs that can still deliver good performance if properly maintained.

Benefits of Buying a PTO Truck at BAS Parts

When you purchase a PTO truck from us, you can benefit from various advantages. First and foremost, we offer a wide range of new, used, and refurbished truck PTOs. This gives you ample choice and allows you to find the PTO that suits your truck brand and model. Additionally, we have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of PTOs for trucks. We can provide you with expert advice on which PTO is suitable for your truck, ensuring a safe and reliable PTO truck.


We can ship our PTO trucks to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. We collaborate with multiple transport partners to ensure timely deliveries. Depending on specific needs and location, we utilize road, sea, and air freight. If you have any questions or need more information about our PTO trucks, feel free to contact us. We are ready to assist you in finding the right PTO for your truck.