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Front axle knuckles for trucks

A steering knuckle is part of the steering system of a truck. The knuckle is attached to the hub and sits behind the wheel. A steering knuckle is also called a pivot point or stub axle sometimes. Steering rods push and pull on the knuckle to make it turn. This will then make the wheel turn left or right. A steering knuckle is therefore a very critical part that can leave your truck broken on the side of the road. BAS Parts has used steering knuckles in stock.

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A stub axle is attached to the hub behind the brakes. The shock absorber is often attached to the swivel again, so that it rotates with the wheel. At the bottom of the knuckle is a ball joint that is attached to the support arm. The steering rods are attached to the knuckle with ball joints. By pushing or pulling, they turn it around the center.


We can deliver our steering knuckles to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South-America, Africa, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. We have multiple transport partners so that we can make sure your shipment will arrive in time. By road, sea or airfreight.