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Seats for trucks

The seats of a truck are very important for the level of comfort. Drivers spend a lot of time behind the wheel and a perfect seating position is essential. Not only for the comfort and health of the driver, but also for safety.
BAS Parts has 100+ truck seats in stock. So you are at the right address for both the driver seat and the passenger seat.
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Bureaustoel vrachtwagen

Bureaustoel vrachtwagen


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Ref.no. BP0847759 (New)

New & Used Truck Seats

Whether you are looking for the latest technological innovations in a brand-new truck seat or prefer a more budget-friendly option, the choice between new and used seats depends on various factors. New seats often offer the latest comfort features, while used seats can be a cost-effective solution. Consider the specifications and your budget when making an informed choice.

Original Truck Seats

At BAS Parts, you will find an extensive selection of truck seats from various well-known brands, including Volvo, DAF, Mercedes, Renault, Scania, MAN, and Iveco. These brands are renowned for their leading seat designs focusing on comfort, durability, and innovation. Whether you prefer the ergonomic seats of Volvo, the air-suspended seats of DAF, the advanced technology and luxury finishing of Mercedes, the durability of Renault, the adjustment options of Scania, the combination of comfort and safety at MAN, or the seats meeting strict standards for long-distance comfort at Iveco, BAS Parts offers a wide range of options. Here, you can easily find the truck seat that perfectly suits your specific needs and preferences, benefiting from the reliable quality these reputable brands provide.

Alternative Brands of Truck Seats

In addition to well-known brands, numerous alternative brands offer high-quality truck seats. These brands not only provide competitive prices but also unique features and designs. Explore the diverse landscape of truck seats and discover which alternative brands match your preferences and requirements for comfortable driving.

Maintenance of Truck Seats

A regular maintenance routine is essential to maximize the lifespan of your truck seat. From regular cleaning to checking adjustable parts, a little care can go a long way. Learn simple and effective maintenance tips to ensure your seat stays in top condition, regardless of how many kilometers you travel on the road.

Different Types of Truck Seats

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to truck seats. Various types of seats are designed for specific needs and driving styles. From air-suspended seats to seats with integrated heating and cooling systems, explore the different types of seats available and choose the one that best suits your comfort requirements and budget.

Buy Your Truck Seat Online at BAS Parts

If you are looking for convenience and reliability when buying a truck seat, consider shopping online at BAS Parts. With an extensive selection of new and used seats, as well as accessories, BAS Parts offers a convenient and reliable shopping experience. Explore the wide range and take advantage of the opportunity to easily order your ideal truck seat online.