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EXA Accu's

Truck batteries at competitive prices

Are you looking for batteries for a truck or construction machine? At BAS Parts, we have several brands of batteries in our range. Including the A-quality batteries from VARTA and EXA. We can offer various brands of truck batteries at very competitive pallet prices.

What brands of truck batteries are there?

There are several brands of truck batteries available. BAS Parts has 2 brands of batteries in our assortment. We have truck batteries from EXA and Varta.

EXA truck batteries

Looking for a truck battery with the ideal price/quality ratio? Then the EXA battery is the perfect solution for you.
EXA batteries are Super Heavy Duty batteries and are similar to Varta batteries. The batteries fall between starter batteries and semi-traction batteries. This means that the plates inside the battery are designed to provide both high current to start an engine, but also suitable for continuous current supply.
In short, the perfect all-rounder for any truck.

Exa 180ah BatteryExa 225 accu

Varta truck batteries

Varta is a German company that was founded in 1904. Over the years the company has specialised in the production of batteries. Many truck manufacturers choose the quality of Varta. Varta batteries are suitable, among other things, for installation in Euro 5 and Euro 6 trucks.

Varta 240AHEXA 180AH EXA 225Ah

Special pallet prices

BAS Parts can offer extremely competitive prices on various brands of truck batteries. These prices are far below the market price, because we buy them in very large numbers. Pallet prices are currently available for the following 3 batteries:

Varta 225AHEXA 180AH EXA 225Ah

What are the different types of truck batteries?

Over the years there has been a lot of innovation in truck batteries. The following types of truck batteries are available:
Below we will briefly explain the different types of batteries.

  • Start accu
  • Semi-tractie / deep cycle accu
  • EFB accu
  • AGM accu
  • Gel accu
Below we will briefly explain the different types of batteries.

Starter batteries for trucks

A starter battery is mainly intended for engine starting. The battery is therefore specially designed to deliver a high Ampèrerage (starting current) in a short time (high CCA value for a 180Ah towards 1400EN). The lead plates of a starter battery are thinner than the lead plates of a semi-traction/deep cycle battery. With a thin plate it is much easier to draw a high current, this will be more difficult with a thicker plate. The advantage of thicker plates is that we can discharge them longer and deeper without the plates breaking.

Semi-traction/deep cycle battery for trucks

The semi-traction battery is also called deep cycle battery. The battery is specially designed to provide long periods of constant energy demand and has thicker lead plates than the "normal" starter battery. A semi-traction battery can be discharged up to 70% without any damage occurring. The total number of times that a battery can be charged and discharged is called the "cyclic capacity".

EFB batteries for trucks

EFB stands for Enhanced Flooded Battery. An EFB battery can be discharged up to 100% without any damage occurring. This up to 150 times. By using fibre mats, the lead plates with electrolyte remain better in place and are therefore more resistant to vibration.

AGM batteries for trucks

AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat and refers to the internal workings of the battery. In an AGM battery, the electrolyte (chemical compound) is held in place by a membrane: a glass mat. AGM and EFB technologies are similar to each other, except that the AGM battery has thicker plates, which means longer working hours.

Gel batteries for trucks

GEL battery is equipped with a special technology that immobilizes the battery acid. Specially developed for vehicles with extremely high power consumption like the new Volvo FH5.
This GEL technique gives the battery special advantages.
  • The GEL battery cannot leak.
  • The GEL battery is completely maintenance free
  • The GEL battery can be discharged deeper and is therefore very suitable for semi-traction applications
  • Strongly resistant to vibrations

What are the different sizes of truck batteries?

Truck batteries come in all shapes and sizes. In most cases, the amperage of the truck battery lies between 180 and 240 Ah. Many trucks operate on 24 Volts. This means that there are 2 12-volt batteries in each truck that are connected in series.
In addition to 180, 225 and 240 Ah batteries, there are various other sizes available. These are often brand-specific or model-specific. The fact that more and more specific and heavier batteries are fitted is because trucks are becoming more modern and complex. This means that more and more electronics are being added to trucks. This increases the load on the batteries.

Which battery does my truck need?

Figuring out which battery your truck needs can be a tricky task. It is advisable to look for a battery that has the same specifications as the one that was already installed in the truck. It is also smart to follow the truck manufacturer's instructions. Truck batteries are chosen based on specifications. For example, the starter motor of a Mercedes truck may require more power than a starter motor of an Iveco truck. It is therefore important to keep these specifications in mind when choosing a battery.

We have different sizes in stock

Truck batteries are generally between 180 Ah and 240 Ah. BAS Parts has plenty of stock of these batteries. Besides these 180, 225 and 240 Ah batteries, there are also the smaller batteries that are found in certain machines or passenger cars. These are also for sale at BAS Parts. The electrical system in a truck is a 24V circuit. So the power comes from two 12V batteries.

Trucks are becoming more and more modern and complex. Especially in the field of electronics, more and more is added to a truck. This has many advantages but also a disadvantage. Namely the load on the truck's batteries. In the FH4, for example, a heavier battery is already being fitted to prevent problems. These are two 12-volt, 240-ampere batteries.