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For the products below we will calculate a deposit for returning the old parts and bracket. These amounts will be added to your invoice and you will receive a credit when the old parts and bracket are returned to us:

Unit Deposit old parts Deposit bracket
Engine € 1.250,- € 750,-
Gearbox € 1.000,- € 500,-
Differential € 750,- € 500,-

The old parts need to be returned within 14 days after receival of your order. When the old parts meet the quality standards for 100%, a credit will be made for the full amount. When the old parts do not fully meet the standards, this always needs to be discussed with BAS Parts & Tyres. Both parties will agree upon the total amount that will be credited. When the old parts upon return do not comply to the conditions discussed beforehand, BAS Parts & Tyres remains the right to change the amount that will be credited. Whenever this will happen, this will always be discussed with the customer.

Quality instruction old parts

The old parts need the be returned according to the instructions in the following attachment: Quality instruction old parts


Costs of returning the old parts to BAS Parts & Tyres are for the account of the customer. The transport mode and timing always needs to be discussed with BAS Parts & Tyres.