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Exhaust silencers and exhaust pipes for trucks

A decent exhaust system is crucial to stay within the boundaries of the emission laws for your truck. However, new original exhaust parts can be very expensive. BAS Parts has a good solution in the form of original used and good quality after-market parts
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Since 1988 there is an emission standard for vehicles in the European union. During the years, these norms have been getting stricter and less polution of CO2, NOx, HC and particulate matter. With every step there were improvements. For example, Euro 4 vehicles have 80% less polution of particulate matter than Euro 3 vehicles. In 25 years there have been massive improvements. A Euro 6 truck has 97% less particulate matter compared to a Euro 1.

The main focus in the automotive industry in recent years has been the environment. Electric cars are getting produced more and more. Meanwhile, electric drivelines don't seem to be suitable for the transport industry. Diesel is often seen as the culprit, which is not entirely fair. The latest euro 6 trucks have very minimal polution numbers. This is achieved with a few factors. A short explanation of the Volvo emission system:

Volvo calls their exhaust system the EATS (Emission After Treatment Systems). The Euro 6 engine has been modified extensively to create gas flow with optimal temperatures. They use a 7th diesel injector to increase the temperature of the catalyst when needed. This catalyst produces NO2. The diesel partical filter (DPF) catches polution and uses the NO2 to burn it. The burning process is called regenarating. After that, the gasses are treated with AdBlue. This stuff creates a chemical reaction in the second catalyst (SCR). The remaining product is water and nitrogen. The last catalyst (ASC) removes the possible ammonia from the air.