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Servo pumps for trucks

A broken servo pump can result in a high cost repair. BAS Parts has many used power steering pumps in stock for Volvo, DAF and Renault trucks. Information about them is registered. We have very recent pumps with low mileage in stock but also cheaper ones with higher mileage. BAS Parts also sells remanufactured steering pumps.

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Volvo Dynamic Steering

Volvo released a new system in 2013, called Volvo Dynamic Steering. In short, this is an advanced power steering system. The vehicle uses a electrical pump on the hydraulic steering pump which can constantly adjust the way the steering behaves. This will make it easier to manouvrer at low speed but also make it more stable at high speeds. It will make the steering wheel less dramatic when strong winds or oneven roads hit the truck at high speeds. The driver can also save his personal preferences which will make the steering exactly how the driver prefers.