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Wheel hubs for trucks

The truck's rotating mechanism consists of various parts, including the wheel hub, which is an essential component of the truck's drivetrain. A wheel hub is responsible for holding the wheel rim and allowing it to rotate freely. It is also the connecting component between the drive shaft, brake discs or drums, and the elements of the anti-lock braking system.
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Types of wheel hub

These parts are made of strong cast iron or alloyed steel by turning and milling, as they must be able to withstand significant loads. Wheel hubs are designed for various types of wheels, including non-steered drive wheels for the rear axle of commercial vehicles with rear-wheel drive, non-steered non-driven wheels for the rear axle of trucks with front or four-wheel drive, steered drive wheels for the front axles of four-wheel drive commercial vehicles, and steered non-driven wheels for the front axle of commercial vehicles with rear-wheel drive.

Wheel hub assembly

The hub assembly is secured using two nuts and a lock ring at one end of the spindle. Unlike wheel hubs for passenger cars, which are mounted on ball bearings, tapered roller bearings are used on trucks. These are smaller and provide better performance. They are filled with lubricant and protected by caps on the outside and the brake anchor plate or pressure ring on the inside.

When to replace a wheel hub?

Although these truck parts rarely fail, they may need to be replaced if the bearings are damaged, the mounting location for the race is worn, or the thread connections of the bolts or the bolts themselves are defective. In exceptional cases, the housing of the component may warp. This can be caused by colliding with an obstacle at high speed, regularly overloading the vehicle, or an aggressive driving style.

How do you recognize defects in a wheel hub?

It is important to detect defects in the hub assembly in a timely manner to prevent potential problems and unsafe situations. Defects can be noticed by strange noises while driving, body vibration, truck swaying in corners and during braking, degradation of handling, and uneven tire wear. Damaged parts will have noticeable play when lifting and rotating the wheel. In the case of problems with the wheel hub or other parts of the truck, it is important to consult an experienced mechanic. They can determine the cause of the problem and perform the necessary repairs to ensure the safety of the truck and the driver.

Wheel hub maintenance

It is also important to regularly perform preventive maintenance on the truck, including inspections of the wheel hubs and other important parts. This can detect problems in an early stage and prevent them from developing into serious and dangerous situations. In short, the wheel hub is an essential part of a truck's drivetrain. It is important to maintain these parts well and replace them when necessary to ensure the safety and reliability of the truck.