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Front axles for trucks

BAS Parts has a large amount of front axle parts in stock for Volvo, DAF and Renault trucks. At BAS Parts you can choose for a complete front axle or just one of the components. We dissassemble them with and without hubs, brake calipers, brake discs and steering knuckles. There are even axles in stock which are still attached to a piece of chassis. These axles then even come with the suspension. But we also have single front axle hubs, axle bodies and steering knuckles in stock.
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What is a front axle?

A front axle is the component of a truck located between the front wheels. It supports the weight of the truck and provides steering control, making it an essential part of any truck. Front axles come in different sizes and configurations depending on the type and brand of truck.

Why is a good front axle important?

A good front axle is crucial for the safety and reliability of a truck. The front axle supports the weight of the truck and provides steering control. If the front axle malfunctions, it can lead to unsafe situations on the road. A poor front axle can also cause unnecessary wear and tear on other parts of the truck, such as tires and suspension.

New, used, and dismantled front axles

If you are looking for a new front axle for your truck, you can purchase one from us. We have a wide range of new front axles for different truck brands. These front axles are of high quality and meet all safety requirements. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can also choose a used or dismantled front axle. We have a large stock of used and dismantled front axles from various truck brands and models. These front axles are carefully checked and tested before we offer them for sale, ensuring that you are buying a safe and reliable front axle.

Truck front axles for different brands and models

We sell front axles for different truck brands and models, including Volvo, Scania, DAF, MAN, Renault, Iveco, and Mercedes trucks. It is important to know which front axle is suitable for your truck. If you have any questions about this, you can always contact us for advice.

Benefits of buying a truck front axle from BAS Parts

If you buy a front axle from us, you will benefit from various advantages. Firstly, we offer a wide range of new, used, and dismantled front axles. This provides you with a choice, and you can find the front axle that fits your needs and budget. Secondly, we have extensive knowledge and experience in front axles for trucks. We can provide you with good advice on which front axle is suitable for your truck, ensuring that you buy a safe and reliable front axle.

Buy your truck front axle at BAS Parts

Finally, we offer fast and reliable delivery of front axles. We understand that a truck cannot drive without a front axle, so we ensure that the front axle is delivered to your location as quickly as possible.