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Warranty on used parts

We trust our parts! On every used part you get a standard 6 months warranty. Is the part broken? Contact us and we’ll arrange a fast replacement in working order. If this isn’t possible then we’ll give you a refund! All of our electronic parts have been sealed. Breaking this seal equals no warranty on the part.

Additional terms and conditions:

We only accept warranty claims when the part that we delivered hasn’t been altered in any way.
Before you attempt to make changes to the part, you’ll always have to declare this to our sales department.
Warranty on engines is exclusively applicable on cylinder –block, -head and all internal spinning parts.
On parts that have run more than 1 million kilometers we give a shortened warranty period, 3 months.

Factory warranty
Usually producers/suppliers give warranty on new parts. When this is the case we also give this warranty to our customer. Send us an e-mail or ask the salesman if you want more information about the warranty per product.

Revised parts
Our revised parts have been revised by specialized companies. These companies have their own warranty terms. Possible warranty claims will always be assessed by the specialist. Send us an e-mail or ask the salesman if you want more information about the warranty per product.

Returning parts, warranty and malfunctions

Do you want to send a product back for warranty? Always contact us first and we’ll help you with the request!


  • You can send the product back for warranty. This won’t cost you anything. Frank the package with a stamp and add a valid proof of payment. BAS Parts will pay for the shipment of the replacement part too.
  • When the returned part doesn’t meet our warranty terms and conditions, we won’t accept the claim.
  • If the product isn’t correct due to our mistake, we will arrange a replacement with no costs.

Additional terms for revised camshafts

We always advise you to change the bearings and rollers when fitting a revised camshaft. We can’t accept a warranty claim when this hasn’t been done.
Always compare the new camshaft with the old one. Are all the cams pointing the same way? Contact us if this isn’t the case.
We charge deposits on revised camshafts. We only accept old camshafts for deposit when they aren’t rusted.