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Truck dismantling

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Truck dismantling at BAS Parts Veghel, in the Netherlands

Trucks are dismantled in our own dismantling center in Veghel. We are KZD*** (Quality Care Dismantling) certified. This means that everything is inspected before and during the dismantling process. The trucks are tested on the road, but also through diagnostics through the brand's official systems. In the case of engines, an injection and compression test is performed as standard. In addition, all fluids (air conditioning fluid, diesel, oil, brake fluid) are separated and collected and processed in an orderly manner.

BAS Group bovenaanzicht Gedemonteerde vrachtwagen

Purchase of used trucks

BAS Parts buys trucks from all over Europe for dismantling. We do this in cooperation with parent company BAS World. BAS World is one of the largest vehicle dealers in Europe, with over 10,000 vehicles sold per year. This cooperation also allows us to supply specific trucks on demand. This also allows us to get very specific parts.

We specialize in dismantling Volvo, Renault, Mercedes and DAF truck brands. Over the past 3 years, BAS Parts has dismantled over 550 trucks in our high-tech workshop/truck warehouse. 80% of the trucks we dismantle are damage-free and mainly come directly from the brand's dealers. In addition, most of the trucks we dismantle have a fully demonstrable maintenance history at the dealership.

High quality used parts

All parts we dismantle are expertly removed from the truck. They are then cleaned, immediately photographed and stored by serial number in our system. So we always know which part has been dismantled from which truck. As we dismantle many relatively new trucks, we also have many young used parts.

KZD certificering

KZD*** certification

Quality Assurance for Dismantling (KZD) is a certification aimed specifically at dismantling companies in the automotive sector. Certification focuses on quality management, technical expertise, compliance with laws and regulations (especially various environmental and safety aspects) and parts traceability. With us, the origin of the parts is fully known, so we know exactly what part we are offering you and we stand by our quality! BAS Parts has a KZD*** version 1.5 certificate, the highest possible standard.

ISO-9001 certification

ISO-9001 is an internationally recognized standard for quality management. It focuses on a clear quality policy where processes are established and improved where possible, risks are identified and minimised, employee involvement is of high importance and the customer experience is highly considered. All of these should be strictly established and focused on continuous improvement. BAS Parts meets all ISO-9001 criteria.

Truck parts remanufacturing

BAS Parts has reconditioned truck parts in addition to new and used truck parts. We recondition many parts in our workshop, but we also have a large network of reconditioning companies where we can outsource the work. A 6 month warranty period applies to all reviewed items. So very confident in our review qualities.

Final inspection of all truck parts

Before dismantling a truck, we test it for a long time. Drive tests, compression tests and diagnostic readings are among the truck's tests. Because we test everything in detail before we take it apart, we know exactly the quality of the truck part.
Therefore, at BAS Parts, quality is at the heart of every purchase.

Motorstellingen BAS Parts

Truck brands for disassembly

There are various brands and models of trucks that we at BAS Parts disassemble ourselves every week:

Volvo Trucks dismantling

DAF Trucks dismantling

Mercedes Trucks dismantling

Renault Trucks dismantling

Order truck parts online from BAS Parts

Ordering new or used truck parts from BAS Parts is quick, easy and convenient. Our user-friendly website makes it easy to find the parts you need. You can search by part number, description or truck model. In addition, we provide detailed product information and images to help you make the right choice.
If you have any questions, you can always call one of our colleagues: +31 413 371 788