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Rims for trucks

In addition to a large stock of tyres, BAS Tyres also has various types of rims in its range. From universal steel rims to top-of-the-bill Alcoa wheels. Do you need advice to find the right size for your truck? Please contact us.

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Alcoa is a well-known name in the trucking world. In addition to the beautiful appearance of Dura-Bright Alcoa wheels, they also offer other advantages in terms of quality and weight. A tractor + trailer combination weighs 226 kg less with the help of Alcoa's for example.


The wheels that ALEX RIMS produce, offer a cheaper alternative to the Alcoa rims. They are forged aluminum wheels, produced in Taiwan.


At BAS Tyres it is possible to have new rims mounted and balanced immediately. Even without making an appointment first. There is always a technician on standby to help you. This allows us to guarantee that you can get back on the road with minimal loss of time. A tire / wheel change takes an hour on average, if we assume 4 new tires. When mounting a tire, we balance the steering axle tires and replace all valves. Changing complete wheels takes on average only 20 minutes with 4 wheels.

BAS Tyres - New and used truck rims in stock

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