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Reservoir Fuel Fuel tank

Fuel tanks come in many shapes and sizes. The configuration of a truck usually determines how much room is left for fuel tanks. Luckily, BAS Parts has a great stock of fuel tanks. We almost always have a fuel tank that will fit your needs.

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BAS Parts has diesel tanks for Volvo, DAF and Renault trucks. Volvo uses special 'D-tanks'. Which are not square like a DAF for example.


Fuel tanks are made of aluminium these days. Before, fuel tanks were made of steel. The main advantage of aluminium reservoirs are the weight savings of coure. Every KG that is saved on the truck can be loaded extra.


We can deliver our fuel tanks to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South-America, Africa, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. We have multiple transport partners so that we can make sure your shipment will arrive in time. By road, sea or airfreight.