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PTO for trucks

A truck can have many functions besides moving goods from A to B. Trucks are often equipped with cranes, tilting cylinders, cementmixers, et cetera. The equipment needs power, so the power of the engine needs to be transferred. That's where the power take-off (PTO) comes in.

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Gearbox PTO

A gearbox PTO, or clutch dependant PTO, is one of the options. This sort of PTO is mounted on the gearbox and is only activated when the vehicle is running stationary. Gearbox PTO's are often very light and mounting is easy. The simple design has many advantages like reliability and easy servicing. This is the most logical option when the PTO is not needed if the truck is moving.

Flywheel PTO

The other option is a flywheel PTO. This is also called a clutch dependant PTO. This one is mounted on the engine and is always turning when the engine is running. Driving or stationary. This type of PTO is necessary when the equipment needs to be available at all times.

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