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Batteries for trucks

Are you looking for a battery for your truck or equipment? At BAS Parts we have several brands in our assortment. One of which is VARTA. Not sure which battery is needed for your application? Contact one of our salesmen.

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Truck batteries

Trucks are getting more and more complex. Definitely on the electronic side of things. This has a lot of advantages but also a downside. It puts a lot more strain on the batteries of a truck. For this reason, the Volvo FH4 already gets equipped with heavier batteries to avoid problems. They are running two 12 volt, 240 Ah batteries.

VARTA Promotive EFB

VARTA Promotive EFB is a battery specially designed for commercial vehicles with heavy duty cycles. This battery complies with all vibration requirements. This allows it to be mounted on the rear of the chassis too. The VARTA battery is made in Europe following the strict quality norms. It will be a reliable power source for your fleet.

Large quantities

Are you looking for multiple pallets of batteries to put in your stock? We can offer very sharp prices when you need larger quantities. Contact us to see what we can offer you.