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Shock absorbers for trucks

The most important component of a truck's suspension system for absorbing shocks caused by road irregularities is the shock absorber. The shock absorber ensures that the truck remains stable and maintains its course while reducing braking distance and minimizing body vibration. Therefore, it is essential to maintain and replace your truck's shock absorbers when necessary. At BAS Parts, you can buy shock absorbers from various brands, including Volvo, Renault, DAF, Mercedes, Scania, MAN, and Iveco.

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Types of Shock Absorbers for Trucks

Shock absorbers are the most critical component of a truck's suspension system and help absorb and dampen shocks. This keeps the vehicle stable on the road and allows for safe and comfortable driving. At BAS Parts, we offer shock absorbers of different types and designs. For example, you can choose pneumatic shock absorbers, which automatically adjust ground clearance and maintain the same level regardless of the weight of the load. Alternatively, you can opt for hydraulic shock absorbers, which have a single or double tube and can withstand more work cycles.

There are also different types of shock absorbers available, such as regressive, progressive, and linear shock absorbers. The choice of the right type depends on the nature of the road surface and the use of your truck. For example, if your truck often drives over obstacles, a progressive shock absorber is the best choice. It efficiently absorbs shocks and provides a comfortable ride. However, if your truck often drives over tram tracks or connections between concrete slabs, a regressive shock absorber is the better choice. It can better handle vibrations and the tilting of the truck.

When to Replace Shock Absorbers?

It is essential to maintain your truck's shock absorbers and detect defects promptly. Defects in shock absorbers can be visually detected by uneven tire wear or housing leakage. If the body of your truck begins to tilt during steering maneuvers, abrupt acceleration or deceleration, it is time to replace the shock absorbers. At BAS Parts, you can find high-quality shock absorbers from various brands that meet the highest quality standards.

Buy Shock Absorbers Online at BAS Parts

If you are looking for a reliable online store to buy shock absorbers for your truck, BAS Parts is the right choice. We offer a wide range of products for trucks from various brands. We provide affordable prices and high-quality products, ensuring that you always make the best choice for your truck. Contact us today and discover what we can do for you.


We can deliver our shock absorbers to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South-America, Africa, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. We have multiple transport partners so that we can make sure your shipment will arrive in time. By road, sea or airfreight.