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chassis and suspension Rear axle Rear axle

BAS Parts has a large amount of rear axles in stock for Volvo, DAF and Renault trucks. At BAS Parts you can choose for complete rear axles or just the rear axle housing. We dissassemble them with and without rear hubs, brake calipers and differentials.

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We have a lot of different types, configurations and ratio's in stock. Some of which are normal single, driven axles. But also pusher and lift axles. Even so-called tandem axles are in stock at BAS Parts. Some of the types that we normally have in stock:
  • RS1356SV
  • PMR3361
  • RSS1344C
  • RSS1332A
  • P1395
  • P11150
  • P13170
  • MS13170
  • AAS1344
  • AAS1347
  • RS1344SV
  • RSS1344B
  • RAEV91
  • ...


We can deliver our rear axles to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South-America, Africa, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. We have multiple transport partners so that we can make sure your shipment will arrive in time. By road, sea or airfreight.