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Hydraulic kits

We have a broad range new and used hydraulic equipment that can be used for your truck. With these hydraulics it is possible to operate a tipper, walking floor or container system. We recommend our new Afhymat kits which represent a high quality solution for every truck and satisfies all your needs. These kits include a tank, hydraulic pump, hoses, brackets and a control unit. Hydraulic tanks are available in different sizes and also we can deliver pumps with different capacities. Furthermore, we also have multiple new and used PTO’s in stock. It is possible to mount the kits in our workshop, please contact for information.

The possibilities:

  • New and used hydraulic equipment
  • Different kits available for tipper or walking floor
  • Including tanks, hydraulic pump, hoses and control unit
  • New and used PTO’s
  • Possibilities to mount the hydraulic kits in our workshop, ask for information

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