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Truck gearbox

BAS Parts is the go-to supplier for used gearboxes for Volvo, Renault and DAF trucks. We always have 100+ gearboxes in stock. This stock contains young and revised gearboxes. But also cheap examples with higher mileages. Search by OEM number or type to find the correct gearbox.
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How does a truck gearbox work?

The gearbox of a truck is a crucial component that transfers the engine power to the wheels, allowing the truck to move. This is done by adjusting the gears depending on the speed and load of the truck. A truck gearbox can be manual or automatic, with the manual gearbox requiring the driver to shift gears manually, while an automatic gearbox automates this process.

How to recognize a defective truck gearbox?

Recognizing a defective truck gearbox can be essential to prevent larger damage. Some signs of a defective gearbox include strange noises, such as humming or rattling, difficulties in shifting gears, or feeling vibrations. Also, a leakage of gearbox oil may indicate problems. If you notice any of these symptoms, it's important to consult a specialist as soon as possible.

New & used gearboxes

When purchasing a gearbox for a truck, one can choose between new or used gearboxes. New gearboxes come with the assurance of factory warranty and the latest technologies but are often more expensive. Used gearboxes are a more cost-effective option and, if well-maintained, can still go many miles. It's important to thoroughly check the condition of a used gearbox before purchase.

Rebuilt truck gearbox

A rebuilt truck gearbox is a used gearbox that has been completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and had its parts replaced as necessary before being reassembled. Rebuilt gearboxes offer a good balance between price and quality, with the advantage of a new component at a lower price. They often come with a warranty, providing additional assurance.

Buy your truck gearbox online at BAS Parts

For those looking for a new, used, or rebuilt truck gearbox, BAS Parts is the ideal online destination. With an extensive range of gearboxes for various truck models, BAS Parts offers quality parts at competitive prices. Moreover, their team of experts is ready to provide advice and assist in finding the perfect gearbox for your truck, with excellent customer service and fast delivery.

Environmental developments

The European Union has made emission laws ever since 1988. These rules are called the Euronorm and there purpose is to make vehicles less harmfull for the environment. During the last 30 years, these laws have been getting stricter to reduce the emissions of passenger and commercial vehicles. The gearbox is an important factor for manufacturers to comply with these laws.


To reduce the impact on the environment, manufacturers are fitting retarders on there gearboxes. A ZF-intarder for Renault and DAF gearboxes. And a Voith retarder for the Volvo and Renault gearboxes.

There can be different sorts of retarders in trucks. The most common one is the hydraulic retarder. This one works by two discs spinning in opposite direction with hydraulic oil in between. When the retarder is activated the oil builds up pressure which reduces the speed of the discs and therefore the speed of the driveline. The other option a magnetic retarder. This one works with magnetic fields that slow each other down when activated.

Smart software

Another development for truck gearboxes is software based. Manufacturers are trying to get the truck running at the right RPM at all times. In doing this the truck will always perform at its best and fuel consumption will be optimal.

Volvo does this with their I-shift gearbox. The software on this gearbox analyses the speed, weight, slope angle and the required amount of torque to decide at what exact moment the truck needs to shift.

Dual clutch

In 2014 Volvo launced the first commercial truck with a double clutch gearbox. This technology was designed for racing purposes and is later applied in luxury sports cars. The idea is that one clutch operates the current gear of operation, and that the other clutch will have the next gear ready. The result is extremely fast shifts. Volvo calls it the I-shift Dual Clutch.
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