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Fifth wheels for trucks

When you buy a truck second-hand, there might be a fifth wheel on it that is not fit for your line of work. Or your current fifth wheel is showing too much wear on the disc. Grooves that are too deep will make the truck fail its annual test. At BAS Parts we have a lot of fifth wheels in stock. With different heights and options. Like sliding frames or height adjustable.
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A fifth wheel is the connection between the tractorhead and the trailer. Needless to say that it's important that the correct height fifth wheel is used. So that the trailer is straight behind the tractorhead.

Height adjustable

When a truck has several types of trailers that it needs to haul, it can be equiped with a height adjustable fifth wheel.

Sliding frame

Besides height adjustable there are also sliding frames. These are normal fifth wheels but on special frames so that it can be adjusted in length.


Normally a fifth wheel is covered in grease to allow the trailer to turn freely and minimalise wear. However, there are also fifth wheels without grease. They're using a teflon plate and are called low maintenance.


JOST is a very reputable company nowadays in the truck and trailer business. In the JOST Group there are also other brands like Rockinger, Tridec and Edbro. JOST originated shortly after the second world war.

JOST has 2 inch fifth wheels and heavy duty 3,5 inch examples. The most common types are the JSK 26, JSK 34, JSK 36, JSK 42MK, JSK 40, JSK 42 and JSK 37 E and C.
The heavy duty line consists of JSK 38C, JSK 38G, JSK 50 and the JSK 52.


In the SAF-HOLLAND Group there is a brand called GF. With this name SAF Benelux delivers fifth wheel couplings for light and heavy duty transport. The most common model is the SK-S 36.20. This model has a few variants: SK-S 36.20 H and SK-S 36.20 W. Besides that there are the GES 20, GC 6, FW3510, SK-HD 38.36, FW0100 and FW0165.


Fontaine was originated in 1940 and they were the first manufacturer with steel pressed fifth wheels. The assortiment of Fontaine consists of four models with a few mounting options. The most common one in Europe is the Fontaine 150SP2. Besides that there are the 3000 and the 3000LM. The fourth, and final, model is the 163CI.