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Truck cab

Are you looking for a new or used truck cab? With us, you will find a wide range of high-quality cabs that perfectly meet your needs. Whether you're looking for a Volvo, Mercedes, DAF, Renault, MAN, IVECO, or Scania cab, we have it in our assortment. Every week, several trucks are dismantled in our workshop, which allows us to have a large stock of second-hand cabs in various price ranges and configurations (L1H1, L2H1, L2H2, L2H3).
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What is a truck cab?

A truck cab is the enclosed compartment on a truck where the driver is located during driving. It is the part of the truck where the driver sits, and it houses controls such as the steering wheel, pedals, and dashboard. The cab provides protection and comfort to the driver and can have different configurations, such as a standard cab, sleeper cab, or a cab with additional amenities, depending on the driver's needs and the type of transportation.

Various types of truck cabs

There are different types of truck cabs available, often customized to the specific needs of the truck driver and the type of cargo transport. Some of the most common types of truck cabs are:
  • Standard Cab: This is the basic version of a truck cab. It provides sufficient space for the driver and essential features but has limited additional amenities.
  • Sleeper Cab: Also known as a "sleeper unit" or "sleeping space," a sleeper cab offers extra comfort and facilities for the driver during longer trips. It includes a bed or sleeper sofa, storage space, and sometimes even a small kitchenette and restroom facilities.
  • Globetrotter Cab: This cab is designed for long-haul drivers and provides extra space and amenities for comfort during extended journeys. It may include a larger sleeping area, a workspace, and additional storage space.
  • Mega Cab: This type of cab has an elevated roof, providing extra headroom. It is ideal for drivers who require more vertical space within the cab.
  • Crew Cab: A crew cab is suitable for transporting a crew or extra passengers alongside the driver. It has additional seating and sometimes a separate rear access door.

When should you replace a truck cab?

When a truck has suffered severe damage to the cab, it is almost always more cost-effective to replace the entire truck cab with a used cab that has a complete interior. More importantly, it is also a safer option than repairing the damaged cab. We also recommend checking in advance if the fenders, grille, bumper, air intake, and other surrounding parts are in good condition. Also, inspect the cab suspension and ensure that the chassis is not bent.

A wide range of new truck cabs

If you're looking for a new cab for your truck, you'll be impressed by our extensive range. We offer new cabs from various brands, including Volvo, Mercedes, DAF, Renault, MAN, IVECO, and Scania. Our new cabs feature the latest technologies and innovations in truck comfort and safety. Whether you need a standard cab, a sleeper cab, or a luxurious cab, we have the perfect option for you.

Buy your truck cab online at BAS Parts

If you're looking for a reliable online truck parts specialist where you can buy a complete cab for your truck, BAS Parts is the right choice. With us, you can find a wide range of truck refrigerators from different brands. We offer affordable prices and high-quality truck cabs, allowing you to always make the best choice for your truck. Contact us today and discover what we can do for you.