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Company information

BAS Parts

Street: Mac Arthurweg 2b
Zipcode: 5466 AP
City: Veghel
Country: The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce: 17221169
VAT: NL819491780B01

Bank account number

IBAN number: NL84RABO0139026606

Bank details

Bank name: Rabobank
Street: Rembrandtlaan 70
Zipcode: 5461 GH
City: Veghel


Please mention the reference number
To process the payment as quickly as possible, we kindly ask you to mention the reference number of the parts in any transaction.

Watch out! Prevent Internet Fraud
Always check our bank account number on our website before transferring money. We will never ask you to complete the payment to a different bank account number than the bank account number which is mentioned on our website. If someone asks you to transfer money to a different bank account number, please always call us before you transfer the money.

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