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VARTA Batteries

Heavy duty batteries

Are you looking for batteries for a truck or construction machine? At BAS Parts we have different brands of batteries in our range. Including the top quality batteries from VARTA. But in addition to the various 12-volt VARTA batteries, we also have batteries from the lower segment. That can save you quite some money, if your truck or machine is not going to experience extreme winters.
Special pallet pricesBAS Parts can offer extremely competitive prices when it comes to complete pallets. We can offer prices that are far below the market price due to large purchase quantities. Pallet prices are currently available for the following three batteries:

Varta 180Ah

Varta 180Ah

Greenline 225Ah
We have different sizes in stockTruck batteries are generally between 180 Ah and 240 Ah. These batteries are always in stock at BAS Parts. In addition to these 180, 225 and 240 ampere-hour batteries, there are also the smaller batteries that are found in certain machines or passenger cars. These too are for sale at BAS Parts. The electrical system in a truck is a 24V circuit. The power supply therefore comes from two 12V batteries.

Trucks are becoming more modern and complex. More and more electrical systems are being added to trucks. This has many advantages but also a disadvantage. Namely the load on the batteries of the truck. For example, a heavier battery is fitted to the FH4 to prevent problems. These are two 12-volt, 240-ampere batteries.

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VARTA Promotive EFBVARTA Promotive EFB is a battery specially designed for commercial vehicles with heavy cyclic use. This battery meets strict vibration resistance requirements, so that it can also be safely installed on the rear of the chassis. The VARTA battery is manufactured in Europe according to the most strict quality standards and will be a reliable power supply for your fleet.